SAFE Theory


For ‘Right Diagnosis And Treatment Give Right Information’ To Your Doctor

Most Of us are scared when we visit our Doctor. Due to the suffering, pain and anxiety,we are not in the right frame of mind to communicate effectively.

SAFE -  is a guideline for Effective Communication with your Doctor and facilitate Prompt Line of action.
Help your Doctor to help you for ‘Quick Relief’. Take a brief of your illness when you visit your Doctor with respect to History, Own Assessment, Fears and Expectations.

- The story of your illness – the History.
Tell your story in your own words in chronological order starting with the time you felt unwell, symptoms and present medication if any.

A: ASSESSMENT- Of your illness.
A is your analysis of what you feel is wrong with you. Let the Doctor Know what you feel has probably led to your problem and DIAGNOSE you.

F: FEARS - about your illness.
F is your Fears of what you feel, are worried about what may happen to
You as a result of your illness. Are you worried this will affect your Ability to play Tennis? Work? Affect your future fertility? Is it Contagious?

E is your Expectations of what you want from your doctor and Knowledge of the options available.