Dr. Shailesh Palekar, Paramount Medical Services Pvt. Ltd., Panvel:

Standard is good and practical. However regular monitoring by an outside agency to assess the lacunae in the system is required.  FEQH should conduct monthly audit.

Dr. D.B. Patil, Dr.Patil's Hospital, Panvel:

  Staff, doctors and patients get disciplined.

Dr. Ashok Singh, Dr. Singh’s City Hospital, Kalamboli:

Good standard. Encourages people to learn new things. FEQH should conduct training of staff for hospitality portion.

Dr. Ashesh Gala. Netra Jyot Eye Care Centre, Mulund:

ASNH is good. Patients are aware and value the certificate. Uniform standard of care is being maintained irrespective of staff.

Dr. Seetharaman, Shree Ram Eye, Mulund:

ASNH is excellent. The draw backs in our place are known and we are making efforts to overcome them. Documentation has improved and I am now more confident about the outcome.
It is necessary for today’s practice. It is protective for the doctors. Difficult work becomes routine. Makes all of us disciplined.

Dr. Vinod Goyal, Surya Eye Institute, Mulund:

ASNH being done by medical professionals has been more rewarding and there is no substitute to ASNH.

Mr. G.G. Kulkarni, Administrator, Purohit Clinic, Panvel:

ASNH is difficult to start, easy to sustain. We have started daily two rounds of meetings with the patients. This has improved patients satisfaction because of which patients have increased.

Dr. Rajesh Agarwal, Krishna Nursing Home, Bhandup:

  Awareness should be created amongst nursing home owners. FEQH should start newsletter.

Dr. Sugato Thakur, Thakur’s ENT Clnic, Bhandup.

  Public awareness is low. AMC & FEQH should make efforts to make it popular amongst people and doctors. Audit should be done in six months instead of 12.