Accreditation Standard for Dental Clinics (ASDC)

  *  Preamble

With the 21st Century well set in, we can now see various changes in Indian Industries. Healthcare has attained the status of Industry and is no exception to such changes. Today’s patients are well informed and come with high expectations. The nature of diseases have changed, which has made communication, response time & visible quality as important ingredients. Third party endorsement is common and well sought after.

Dental awareness in India is on the rise and many Dental Surgeons want their Clinics to meet recognized Standards. The expectations of patients have gone up and they are looking for third party accredited service providers.  

Dental Clinic Standards:

For Dental clinics, there is a very limited choice of Standards, the most popular being ISO 9001:2008 Certificate. This Standard, as it is, is not applicable completely and also is very expensive.  There was an urgent need to identify a set of standards which are practical, affordable, transparent and effective in ensuring quality dental care. In order to address this issue, a Committee called “Committee for Dental Clinic Standards” was formed by Indian Dental Association Thane Branch in association with Forum for Enhancement of Quality in Healthcare (FEQH), Mumbai. Experts from various fields such as Healthcare, Medical Education, IT, Communication, Management Consultants & Media were chosen as Committee Members.

 The task before the committee was to decide upon minimum Standards for Dental Clinics, both for infrastructure and for Standard Operating Procedures. This was required in order to make these facilities more reliable, user friendly & safe, for patients as well as for Dental Surgeons and their staff members.. Due care was taken to make these Standards simple to understand, easy to implement and cost effective along with overall accountability to  dental healthcare.

Objectives of Accreditation:

  • Create optimum / Excellent Standards for dental healthcare delivery in terms of infrastructure and equipments.
  • To follow standard operating procedures for dental health care delivery.
  • To assist Dental Surgeons in creation of a safe and infection-free environment.

Professional competence of dental surgeons and their decision of referral practice and clinical judgment in managing patients are out of purview of the standards.