Accreditation Standard for Consultants / Polyclinics

  *  Preamble

With 21st Century well settled in, we can now see various changes in Indian Industries. Healthcare has attained the status of Industry and is no exception to such changes. Today’s patients are well informed and come with high expectations. The nature of diseases have changed, which has made communication, response time, visible quality, etc., as important ingredients. Third party endorsement is common and well sought after. Although bigg  er healthcare outfits have responded to the changes, smaller outfits including independent Doctors have a long way to go and need some guidance as regard to pathway. Clinic 21st is an effort towards this.

  *  Clinic21st Standards (C-CTS)

For healthcare, there are many choices of Standards like ISO, JCI, JACHO, CAP, NABH, etc., to name few. These Standards, as they are, are either not applicable or are very expensive. In order to address this issue, a Committee called “Committee for Cliniq21st Standards” (C-CTS) was formed. Experts from various fields such as healthcare, Medical education, IT, Communication, Management Consultants, Media were chosen as committee members.  The task before committee was to decide upon minimum Standards for healthcare both for infrastructure and Standard Operating Procedures in order to make healthcare facilities, more reliable, user friendly & safe, for patients as well as for healthcare workers. Due care was taken to make these Standards simple to understand, easy to implement and cost effective along with overall accountability to healthcare.

  *  Objectives of Clinic21st

»  Create minimum Standards for healthcare delivery in terms of infrastructure    and equipment
»  To follow standard operating procedures for health care delivery.
»  To assist Doctor in creation of a safe and infection-free ambience.  Professional    competence of doctors and his / her decisions referral practices and clinical    judgment in managing a patient is out of purview of the standards.

1.0  Procedure for Certification of Cliniq21st Standards:

The method for achieving certification is as follows:

1.1   The interested Doctor requests for a Start-up Kit from Forum for Enhancement of  Quality in Healthcare.
1.2  The Doctor upgrades his / her Clinic / Hospital wherever necessary in order to       meet Cliniq21st Standards.
1.3  Approach Forum for Enhancement of Quality in Healthcare. With filled in      Application Form along with processing fee.
1.4  Cliniq21st Audit Team will visit the healthcare outfit on a mutually convenient date       and time & conduct audit.
1.5  The healthcare outfit will be informed of the outcome of the Audit within 15       days.The Audit Team will either –

Approve the outfit for certification 
Ask to make modification to meet Cliniq21st Standards.

In case of (b) as mentioned above, a follow-up visit will be necessary.
1.6  Certified Clinics / Dispensaries will be informed about the acceptance and will be      conferred with Certificate Plaque. This Certificate plaque can be displayed by the      outfits.