Consultation Services

We offer following services required by Healthcare Industry

1. RHA
We offer unique service called Remote Hospital Administrator (ROA).    In consultation with management,   all the points that contribute to smooth functioning of the organization are worked out along with frequency of inspection.    SMS alerts are sent for reminder or failure of   dates.   We can also arrange to send one of our representatives to your office to check the quality, accuracy and legibility of the documentations.   This is normally   done once in 3 months.   To get sample RHA sheet,  please Email your request to
2. Facilitator:
Assisting organizations to acquire various standards like ISO 9001:2008, AMC’s Standard for Nursing Homes, NABL ( National Accreditation Board for Laboratories), NABH, (National Accreditation Board for Healthcare), Indian Dental Association Standard for Dentists.
We have rich experience in healthcare outfits be it Dentist, Medical Laboratories, Nursing Homes or Diagnostic Centers.
3. Control of Critical To Quality  (CTQ) Calendar:

We offer unique service called  CTQ Calendar. In consultation with management, all the points that contribute to smooth running of the outfit are worked out along with frequency of inspection. Normally 4 visits per annum are planned.  Representative of FEQH visits at predetermined time and checks all the points and submits the report of adherence. This gives management complete insight about the various systems in the organization & also ensures that all the legal requirements are adhered to.

To get sample CTQ Calendar, please email your request to
4. Nursing Audits:
We conduct Nursing Audits as per guidelines of Nursing Council of India. This is another unique service. The management get insight of quality of nursing services offered.
5. Training of Staff:
Training of staff both in hard and soft skills. We have well stocked  VDO Library for almost every procedure required by healthcare, be it CPR, Putting patient on ventilator, nursing training or may be telephone manners and etiquettes.
6. SOPs , Induction Program, Corporate CD:
We develop Standard Operating Procedures, both in print and digital form. This is a very powerful tool, easy to understand and very effective. You can get at least 10% more work from your staff.
We make induction program both in print and digital form. Once when a new person is oriented to the organization in a systematic manner, optimum output can be obtained.We also make corporate CD.
7. Integrated management tool, 5S, Kanban & PokaYoke:
5S is very powerful tool and brings in quick results. Integrated with 5S, Kanban & PokaYoke are other two tools which are easy to understand, and practice. We have developed expertise to implement these tools in healthcare. To know more about these tools, please log on to