Accreditation Standard for IVF Center

* Preamble

With 21st Century well settled in, we can now see various changes in Indian Industries. Healthcare has attained the status of Industry and is no exception to such changes. Today’s patients are well informed and come with high expectations. The nature of diseases have changed, which has made communication, response time, visible quality, etc., as important ingredients. Third party endorsement is common and well sought after.
Health awareness in India is on the rise and many doctors want their IVF Centres to meet recognized standards. The expectations of patients have gone up and they are looking for third party accredited services.

* IVF Centres Standards

Due to change in life style, unhealthy food habits, delayed age of marriage, stress etc. the need of conceiving through IVF has increased manifold. It is commonly observed that rise in infertility rate is approximately 50% per year. This has encouraged Doctors and Corporate to start IVF centres. Vision of ISAR is that there should be self-discipline amongst the members in managing IVF centres. In collaboration with FEQH, as a third party partner, ISAR developed standards for IVF Centres which are inclusive and progressive.

ISAR has put in immense efforts to ensure that more and more members adhere to the standards and manage their Clinics in an ethical way. Self-regulation is always a better and effective option to improve the Quality and Confidence of Society.

The task before ISAR & FEQH was to create standards both from infrastructure point of view and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). These were required in order to make the facility more reliable, user friendly and safe for patients as well as for health care workers. Due care was taken to make these Standards simple, easy to understand and implement & cost effective for overall improvement in the quality of healthcare services.