Welcome to Clinic 21st - Quality Endorsed

Cliniq21st is a new benchmark in healthcare. Healthcare providers like Dentist Pathologist, Nursing Homes, Diagnostic Centre etc. which are accredited and are members of FEQH are called 'Cliniq21st', who are ready to meet unmet demands of 21st Century's Patients.

With 21st century well set in, we can see a lot of changes in india. Healthcare has attained status of industry and is no exception to such changes. The natures of diseases have changed which has made communication, response time, and visible quality as important factors. Although many large hospitals have responded to the changes, very few smaller

Outfits have. 'Cliniq21st'. is an effort to identify these outfits and project them as 'Safe Neighborhood Clinics' This is an effort to help society in choosing good and safe healthcare provider with a seal of quality that you can trust.

For every certified member, complete details like, facilities available, timings, contact details, doctor's profile, accreditation details, and photo gallery is provided. You can take a virtual tour before you visit the doctor. This is a unique feature.

Cliniq21st has the following characterstics and if you find any missing. please write to us to enable us to look into the matter.

Strict infection control. This will benefit patients most in terms of shorter stay, faster recovery, and lesser complications. etc.

1. Patient health record.
2. Adequate equipments, and all, well looked after, accurate and in working condition.
3. Periodic check of OT. Operatory for infection control.
4. Continual training for doctors and paramedical staff.
5. Committed to social responsibilities.
6. Adequate safely measures to avoid mishaps.
7. Well prepared for any emergencies
8. Pleasant interior.


It's different experience,

It's Patient First Initiative.